Lindberg Treasures: Did you know some of the Lindberg kit came with an added bonus? Well all of the 1964 Dodge 330 kits have a trailer to haul your car around or to display them.

Thank you John N Tina West for this tip. GrUmPy....

                                                                 Vinyl Top Tutorial 

If you've ever anted to know how to give your Scale Plastic Model Car a Vinyl Top; Then you'll love this tutorial. I've used this method on many occasions & it never goes wrong. Super simple & it will change the entire cars look. GrUmPy....

Realistic Oil Leaks & Stains By: Darron Cooter  Blakemore

Picture 1. Is a semi finished product...
Picture 2. We are doing a front Diff seal oil sling... First Step, I mark where the center of the leak should be...
Picture 3. Second Step, Here I brush Elmer's Glue in the area to be affected... remember, the deeper you apply the glue the bigger glob of oil you'll get.
Picture 4. Third Step, Then with the glue still wet I I sprinkle on the baking soda. I allow it to dry for several hours.
Picture 5. After the glue is completely cured, brush off the non attached power.
Picture 6. Don't forget other areas that will & could get soiled as a result of oil slinging from a Diff Seal, Rear Main, Transmission Seal, Axle hub & so on...
Picture 7. Then I apply a generous amount of flat blat paint & feather it out to the edges of the stain.
Picture 8. Final Step is to apply semi gloss black paint to the heaviest parts of the grease build up.
Picture 9. Viola.... This is what you end up with....Remember if you mess up, it's only grease & it really doesn't matter what it looks like... Darron Cooter Blakemore

SCUFFING TIRES BY: Jason GrUmPy Holliday.

  This is my way of scuffing a set of tires. I've found that most 1:24 / 1:25 scale kit tires will fit on a standard Dremel sanding tool drum. I built a homemade power dimmer switch so I can turn the power up or down. I take the most aggressive sanding pad & place it in the tire I'm planning on scuffing. Then slide the drum into the tire / sanding pad, tighten it down but not to much to stretch out the tire. Turn you power up just enough to be able to control the tire while it spins on the sanding paper of your choosing. I choose to use this way because my hands get tired of doing it by hand. Plus doing it this way help keep the tires round & without flat spots. I hope this helps Y'all out.

10-4-16 GPMCCoKT : "Factory" Distributor Wire Demonstration at Hobby Town USA.
By: Floyd (FoMoCo) Marsee Jr.

September 6, 2016 Meeting at Hobby Town USA / Hinge Demonstration

GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee
August 27 2016 Meeting at Hobby Town USA
BMF  (Bare Metal Foil) Demonstration By: Drew "RatRod' Turner PART 1

GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee
August 27 2016 Meeting at Hobby Town USA
BMF  (Bare Metal Foil) Demonstration By: Drew "RatRod' Turner PART 2

GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club Member Brand Smith gave a great 1.5 hour class on how to add GHOST FLAMES to any model at our home, HOBBY TOWN USA in Knoxville Tennessee. 


so tell me what you think. i have a rust tank filled with water, nails and other iron rusty stuff.i put in the model,let it in until the water is vaporized en this is what i get. its real rust,and its not really stuck,can wipe if needed. does the model looks realistic to you or needs more work done to look real.

This is a rust method I experimented with. Fine metal shavings sprinkled over a fresh heavy coat of paint. Let it sit outside in the elements. Mine's been outside for 9 years. It's even growing green stuff!