Welcome to GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee.

GPMCCoKT's Website will highlight tips, & tricks of our Hobby. I'll post pictures from different builders in our club, I'll ask that y'all send me your ideas to post on here with details & pictures so I can give you full credit. If you received the idea from a magazine or another person I'd hope you would share the credit. I've built this website trying to reach out to people who don't have FB but may want to build Plastic Models & don't know where to start. We welcome all skill levels & enjoy helping the youngsters who are just getting their first kits & the not so youngsters who may have been out of the game for awhile & have gone into shock as to how far our hobby has grown chemically, technically, electrically not to mention the cost factor. Just like our Club's FB page I'll Update this as needed. Please scroll to the very bottom of this page & you'll see a link to our Face Book Club, & our Like Page. If you would please click the SHARE Button & Tweet about how your experience is with us, "Hopefully Good" that would be a huge help on getting the word out about us. Thank you for taking the time to read this & browsing our website. God Bless Our Soldiers, Police, Fireman, EMS, 911 Dispatchers, all of their Families, & GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!! HOOAH!!! GrUmPy....   

This part is mainly for our online Club...

If you enjoy building PLASTIC MODEL cars, trucks, race cars, drag cars, Etc... or you're just getting back into it then you need to join GPMCCoKT. We run a clean group for our members. We enjoy helping, talking, sharing, & posting our builds with each other. If this sounds like the club for you, then join our club. GrUmPy's Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee. "NO PEDOPHILES, SEX OFFENDERS, DRUG CONTENT, ADULT CONTENT, or anyone trying to ruin my club will be allowed" also this is a Die-Cast free zone. Leave the tin scrap out of here. Plastic Model building is a dying skill. The price of all the kits have gone through the roof along with the supplies as people who build them know. Die-cast takes no skill to build or imagination. Just screw it together. Plastic can take anywhere from a few hours on up to years to build. Depending on the model kit, scale, detail, & how much extra you want to put into your build. This hobby can be a stress reliever & great for people suffering with depression, PTSD, or just way to challenge themselves. 

We have M.O.M. "Model Of Month" contest each month with the winner winning the banner on our FB Group.

Click the FB link & join us. Jennifer, Lynn, Darron, Tommy or I will take care of you. Keep in mind we do check your FB page for anything we deem dangerous to our club or its GrUmPsTeR's. There is no cussing, adult content, religious or political content on GPMCCoKT. 


GrUmPy'S Team

GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee

Jason "GrUmPy" Holliday

President & Founder
My friends call me GrUmPy, but for the most part I'm an okay guy. I'm a Retired & Disabled Firefighter First Responder, 911 Dispatcher. I miss it very much. I started GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee to help keep me busy, to help with my own PTSD issues & to share this great hobby all while helping others learn or building kits for them if they can't. Plastic Model Car builders are a dyeing breed.

Jennifer "Pink Lady" Holliday

Jennifer is my wife & we call her the Pink Lady since her favorite color is pink. Not many guys are lucky enough to to have a hobby that their spouse enjoys with them. If not for my wife I'd never be able to accomplish even half of what I have in my life. We were high school sweethearts & I married my best friend right after she graduated. 
(I'm the Cradle Robber)

Lynn "Law Dog" Hall

Admin #1
Lynn is my best friend (after my wife) & we call him The Law Dog because he is a police officer. Our police are having a rough go of it lately & I'm glad to know that he's made it home everyday to his family.

Gary Philips - Co-Owner  Hobby Town USA

Sponsor of: GrUmPy'S Plastic Model Car Club of Knoxville Tennessee
Gary is a great store owner & his employees are very friendly & knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. When we came to Gary with the idea of bringing our club to his store twice a month for meetings he did't know us & we didn't know him, but he took a chance on us anyway. Now Grumpy's & HobbyTown are family. We love calling Gary's store store our home & thank him for his sponsorship of our club. 

Darron Cooter AMC Blakemore

Darron has been with my FB group since just about the beginning. Hes always active & very dependable. If you live in his neck of the woods & need carpet replaced he's your man.

Tommy HOTROD Justus

Tommy started of as one of my GrUmPsTeRs & has shown me to be trustworthy & hes always there to help the club. 






All Gave some & Some Gave All
GOD, Old Glory, Our Troops, Police, Firefighters, EMS / Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers ALL deserve our RESPECT & none of them are getting enough of it these days. Our Country will never be GREAT again if we don't stop fighting our own countryman, but it's hard to do when we can't see eye to eye.
The Pledge Of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation
under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.